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Welcome to Dunshaw Audiology & Hearing Aid Center

At Dunshaw Audiology & Hearing Aid Center, we truly believe that better hearing leads to a better life.

We welcome you to our practice and appreciate the opportunity to provide you with exceptional audiology services. We are dedicated to providing the highest level quality and professional service, in a caring and compassionate manner.

Dunshaw Audiology & Hearing Aid Center is Manhattan and Riverdale’s top choice for high-end hearing care and technology. Patients from across the New York City area continue to see us for all of their hearing needs because they know the top-quality care they receive from our practice is hard to come by anywhere else. We serve patients of all ages, all demographics, and all levels of hearing ability — and we love helping our patients hear their best.

Lynn C. Kase, M.A., CCC-A

Director of Audiology

Lynn C. Kase has provided her services to the New York community for over 30 years. Mrs. Kase, a board certified audiologist, obtained her Masters of Audiology degree from Kent State University.

Haley Caruso


Haley is currently completing her fourth-year externship with Dunshaw Audiology and Hearing Aid Center, and she will receive her Doctor of Audiology degree in May 2017 from the University of South Alabama.

Hearing Aid Options

There's a hearing solution that's right for you

  • Invisible Hearing Aids

    Our discreet invisible-in-the-canal hearing aid offers a secure fit and advanced noise-processing technology, making it ideal for life on the go.

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  • In-The-Canal

    With a discreet, glasses-friendly fit and external controls, our in-the-canal technology is the perfect piece to complement to your lifestyle.

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  • Completely-In-Canal

    Sleek and subtle, this completely-in-the-canal technology is molded to the contours of your ear for a superior fit that offers a natural look and hearing experience.

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  • In-The-Ear

    Our in-the-ear hearing aids are custom molded for you and are powerful and comfortable, allowing for all-day use.

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  • Receiver-In-Canal

    Reliable and convenient, the receiver-in-the-canal device has a lightweight feel and a flexible fit, and it is among our most popular systems.

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  • Behind-The-Ear

    Our behind-the-ear technology puts you in control with customizable fit options, wireless connectivity, and easy volume control.

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Hearing Tests

Dunshaw Hearing Aid Center stresses the importance of an accurate and timely hearing test.

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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus is a medical condition characterized by persistent ringing in one or both ears that can only be heard by the affected individual.

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Hearing Aid Repairs

We’re more than happy to help you get your devices back in working order, or to help you determine what options are available to fix your broken hearing aid.

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Hearing Protection

Exposure to excessive noise levels during work or other activities can significantly increase your risk of hearing loss.

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